Thursday, September 29, 2022

Delhi Police busts gang of cyber-frauds, three arrested

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Three suspects were detained by Delhi Police after they apprehended a group of fraudsters who had defrauded victims out of Rs 9,85,000 by breaking into the servers and payment gateways of a retail business in Nagpur.

Saurabh Subhash Karnewar, Sagar Raju, and Kaushal Baburao have been named as the three persons who have been detained. According to Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) Chandan Chowdhary, the Director of Paytel Private Limited, which functions as a banking correspondent of a private bank and participates in transaction settlement, filed a complaint at the Cyber South Police Station.

The lawsuit claims that after breaking into the retailer’s server and making fraudulent transactions totaling Rs 9,85,000, someone altered the login ID and password.

In accordance with section 420 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), the police opened an inquiry after registering a charge of cheating.

Investigation revealed that the Virtual Payment Network (VPN) was being exploited for hacking. Both the transactional information and the IP address details were discovered. Four banks in Nagpur were identified as the owners of the transactions with the use of technical surveillance.

The police squad arrived at the place after Nikhil Pise’s position in Nagpur was pinpointed. After being questioned, Nikhil said that he gave his buddy Saurabh Subhashrao Karnewar his card and account information when he requested for them.

After that, three people were taken into custody during a raid that local police helped carry out in the Beltarode Police Station neighbourhood of Nagpur.

During questioning, Kaushal admitted that the stolen money had been deposited into his account.

Additionally, it was discovered that they were in contact with a guy by the name of Ayush and a foreigner who were really accessing the Payment Gateways’ computers and giving them phoney debit cards and SIM cards. The cops were also provided information on those two people.

In addition, the police seized five computers, six mobile phones, 70 SIM cards, and 66 debit cards from the custody of the three suspects.

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