Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Domino’s responds After Viral Pics Showing Mops Hanging Over Pizza Dough Spark Outrage

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Customers anticipate that their favourite restaurants will uphold the bare minimal standards of hygiene and cleanliness. But a picture purportedly taken at a Domino’s restaurant in Bengaluru will make you queasy.

The individual posted images of what he claimed to be an unclean kitchen from a Domino’s restaurant in Bengaluru.

Two images that a Twitter user – Sahil Karnany posted showed kitchen trays of pizza dough hanging barely over cleaning mops and brushes. Additionally, clothing that appears to belong to the staff is seen hanging on the wall above the trays.

Karnany has not revealed the exact location of the outlet but made it clear it is in Bengaluru. People have been left disgusted and have called for action to be taken against the outlet. 

The uproar that developed when the images went viral on the microblogging platform was addressed by Domino’s. We follow strict, top-notch practises to guarantee the greatest levels of hygiene and food safety. We will not tolerate any infractions of these operational guidelines. The issue that has come to our attention will be thoroughly investigated, and on the basis of the results, the proper steps will be implemented. In response to a news piece on the subject, Domino’s commented, “Relax, we remain committed to doing everything required to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our customers.

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