Friday, September 30, 2022

CJI Ramana: Education institutions devaluing degrees

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N V Ramana, the Chief Justice of India, demanded on Saturday that the educational system be reformed with “focus on the value of social relationships and conscious citizenship”.

The Chief Justice of India asserted that educational institutions are losing their social relevance and that there is a “mushrooming of factories of education which are leading to devaluation of degrees and human resources” in his convocation address at the Acharya Nagarjuna University in Andhra Pradesh, where he was conferred an Honorary Doctorate.

“I am witnessing the education system preferred by the present generation. I am afraid that institutions are losing their social relevance. We are witnessing mushrooming of factories of education which are leading to devaluation of degrees and human resources. I am not sure, who or what is to be blamed,” Ramana said.

He further added “it is time for a transformation of our education system. Our institutes must focus on the value of social relationships and conscious citizenship. It should blend our historical baggage with a futuristic vision, to equip young minds with the right tools and attitudes to transform our society with awareness and right understanding”.

Ramana said, “The need of the hour is to develop a model of education which must teach us how to face real life challenges. It should enable us to achieve social solidarity and create individuals who are meaningful members of society,” he said, adding that “true education should enable individuals to acknowledge the deep-rooted issues prevailing in society and find appropriate solutions”.

He mentioned, “when our institutions of national importance were created, the sole purpose was to provide wholesome education to all directed at nation building”.

While recalling, CJI said that “decades ago, this university premise was a fertile ground for various social movements in the state. In an earlier age, as students, we were deeply connected to social issues and the problems of the people. Those early associations with social causes are what shaped the nation-building sentiments in us”.

CJI Ramana said that “universities and their research wings should focus on issues affecting our country and try to find comprehensive solutions. Apart from enhancing their in-house capabilities, the universities must collaborate with renowned research and development organisations. This will provide practical experience to students and encourage a culture of scientific enquiry and research”.

He also demanded for “active cooperation by the State to earmark funds for research and innovation” saying that “it will be a sad commentary if we allow our key areas of learning and research to suffer on account of lack of funding”.

Aiming for economic progress, CJI said “we must not lose sight of our cultural and environmental duty” and added that “it would be a grave dishonour to our roots”.

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