Friday, September 30, 2022

“Real Danger of the UN Being Superseded”: India asks for More Democratic UNSC

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India’s UN envoy cautioned the United National Security Council (UNSC) on Monday, August 22, that the international body must make immediate reforms or face the “serious threat” of being superseded by other organisations that are more representative, open, and democratic in character.

Ruchira Kamboj, India’s Permanent Representative to the UN, addressed the members of the UN Security Council, saying that the meeting is an appropriate time to hold a meaningful conversation about India’s proposal for reformed multilateralism, which has the UN Security Council reform at its core.

“The most urgent requirement of the hour is a Security Council that is really representative. Otherwise, there is a serious risk that new plurilateral and multilateral groups that are more representative, transparent, and democratic and, thus, more successful, would replace the United Nations, Kamboj warned the Security Council.

In her remarks at the UNSC briefing on Maintenance of International Peace and Security: Promote Common Security Through Dialogue and Cooperation, Ambassador India stated that India has been playing its part in being a trusted and reliable partner for all, based on its ancient Indian ethos that sees the world as one family.

“However, the query is still open. Are multilateral organisations, in particular the Security Council, prepared to face the challenges and emerging international order? We feel that until we “reform, perform, and alter” global governance frameworks, we will continue to be found wanting in my country, which now accounts for more than 1/6th of mankind, Kamboj added.

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