Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Indian Army continues rescue operation to find missing Arunachal mountaineer

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The search operation that the Indian Army recently began on Sunday to find two missing members of an Arunachal Pradesh climbing trip, including an Arunachal Pradesh mountaineer named Tapi Mra, continues.

In a statement, Lt Col A S Walia, PRO (Defence), Tezpur claimed that Group 1 had advanced past Yarchum as of 6 p.m.

“Due to extremely inclement weather, the party could not cross the confluence of Kameng R and Wapriyang Bung. Tomorrow morning, the party will be establishing an improvised, 30-metre wide crossing, using their expert mountaineering and river crossing skills, which will be the most challenging part of the foot induction route,” said the release on Sunday.

On the first day of induction, Group 2 also made it to Longchu.

In order to induct immediately to Takte Base Camp and start its search mission in the area of Camp 2, the Heli SAR Team remained to be on standby at Seppa with a 30-minute warning.

The PRO reports that Group 1 will carry on marching to Yarchum on Monday.

“To support the effort of Group 1, Group 2 will follow behind and reach Korongtung, as per plan,” said the PRO.

“Heli SAR Team continues to remain on Standby at Seppa on a 30 mins notice to induct directly to Takte Base Camp & commence its search mission in the area of Camp 2,” the statement added.

According to the remaining six expedition members who arrived in Seppa on the evening of August 29 from their base camp, two members of the expedition have been missing since August 17 and have not been found.

Shri Tapi Mra requested a mountaineering expedition to Mount Nyegi Kangtsang in East Kameng Distt, and the Department of Youth Affairs, Arunachal Pradesh, approved it after Mr. Mra reported an incident on August 29.

Arunachal Scouts teams and the Army’s highly trained and motivated special troops have been used for ground search operations in the difficult terrain of the expedition region, according to Lt Col A. S. Walia, PRO (Defence) of Tezpur.

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