Tuesday, September 27, 2022

UP: 2 die during Janmashtami celebrations at overcrowded Mathura’s Banke Bihari temple

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According to authorities, two persons suffocated to death and six others were hurt during Janmashtami celebrations at the Banke Bihari temple in Mathura on August 19.

As followers rushed to temple to observe the event, it was quite crowded. Nirmala Devi and Ram Prasad Vishwakarma, who were pronounced dead at the hospital, have been identified as the deceased, according to the police.

At the temple’s departure gate, another traveller passed out and collapsed, which forced the followers to walk more slowly. The unfortunate event happened during Mangala Aarti.

“One devotee passed out at the temple’s departure gate during Mangla Arti at Banke Bihari in Mathura, limiting the movement of other pilgrims. There was a sizable gathering inside, and several people died from suffocation. Two persons passed away, “announced Mathura’s Senior Superintendent of Police.

Initial reports indicate that six persons were hurt. As the authorities seized control of the situation, the injured were quickly sent to the hospital.

Earlier on Friday, Janmashtami was fervently observed all around the nation. Temples could be seen decorated with bright lights, and “Jai Shree Krishna” shouts could be heard echoing across different towns and cities. Devotees also flocked to Lord Krishna temple in Mathura and other locations throughout the nation to celebrate the birth of Krishna, Janmashtami at midnight.

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