Friday, September 30, 2022

Would still tow PM’s car if given the opportunity: Kiran Bedi at #WeWomenWant

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“I’d again tow Prime Minister’s car if given a chance,” said Dr Kiran Bedi, Former LG of Puducherry, at iTV’s first edition of We Women Want and Shakti Awards 2022.

Recalling her days of Police duty, she said, “I hired all private cranes to tow illegally parked cars and remove broke down buses off the road, since the government did not provide cranes at that time and a lot of my time used to get occupied pushing buses.”

“I was not given postings frequently. I had to write many letters just to get a posting and was put on compulsory wait,” said the former Puducherry

“An adult women should be aware that she has equal rights. Despite of the mental strength we endure, we women also have biological vulnerability which we must ourselves take care of. However, it is also your own doubts you must fight,” said Kiran Bedi.

Giving a message to the young boys of the country, Dr. Bedi said, “This country would become safer if only boys become considerate, responsible and respect each women. Domestic violence can be avoided if men start respecting women.”

She added, “Teachers, parents and each boy is responsible for making a change in the society. We must change the mentality of giving excessive freedom to the boys and teach them to be grateful from an early age.”

“Good parenting is also a key to a good society. Parents must encourage their girl child to learn sports which would indeed make them confident as the child grows up. Each boy should also be made to learn how to cook so that every household works equally. Children give credit to their parents for every vocational skill they endure,” explained Dr. Kiran Bedi.

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