Friday, September 30, 2022

K’TAKA: BJP retaliates to Cong MLA’s allegations

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Karnataka MLA Priyank Kharge sparked debate on Friday by asserting that the BJP-led state government had devolved into a “bribe-couch government” in which women were required to perform sexual favours in exchange for employment.

He said that the males were compelled to pay bribes to get jobs. While this was going on, the BJP refuted the accusations, stating that under the Congress administration, similar things had occurred both at the state and federal levels.

“You secure a job in this government without bribing officials. Two ministers had quit earlier. Young ladies must sit on couches and young people must pay bribes to obtain employment in the BJP-led Karnataka administration. It has evolved into a corrupt regime, “the member of Congress stated.

Union Minister Pralhad Joshi has called for an apology for India’s women after the statements sparked indignation in several sectors. Whatever he stated, both at the Center and in State, occurred when Congress was in power. He said that what he stated about Indian women was offensive to the girls and women who are currently excelling in every profession.

Kharge requested that the government should establish a fast-track court and called for judicial investigation or a special investigation team (SIT) investigation into recruiting frauds.

“Posts will be sold, the administration has determined. Young ladies should have a bed partner if they wish to work in government. Men are required to pay bribes to get government employment. The young lady had agreed to sleep with a minister in exchange for employment. The fact that he quit after the story broke is evidence of what I stated “he said.

The Congress leader said that dubious recruiting practises, including bribery, had been employed by the Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation. “According to my sources, there’s an arrangement done for almost 600 positions. They may have got Rs. 30 lakh for the position of Junior Engineer and Rs. 50 lakh for the Assistant Engineer position. Theft totaling Rs 300 crores may have occurred here alone “During a news conference, he remarked.

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