Friday, September 30, 2022

Pak to consider humanitarian wheat transportation extension to Afghanistan

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As humanitarian relief for war-torn Afghanistan, Pakistan said on Friday that it is taking India’s plea to extend the deadline for the shipping of the remaining 15,000 metric tonnes of wheat into consideration.

The first shipment of humanitarian relief having 2,500 tonnes of wheat, arrived in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, via Pakistan on February 26. On March 3, the second convoy headed for Jalalabad, Afghanistan, from Attari in Amritsar with 2,000 MTs of wheat. On March 8, 40 trucks carrying 2,000 metric tonnes of wheat from India were brought to Afghanistan across the Attari-Wagah border.

In June, India used Pakistan’s land route to send a new delivery of 3,000 metric tonnes of wheat to Afghanistan.

At his weekly press briefing, Asim Iftikhar Ahmed, a spokesperson for the Foreign Office, stated, “We have extended the deadline on multiple occasions, and I’m confident that this is being reviewed in order to enable this to be finished.”

In response to a query regarding Pakistan’s observer-level participation in the SCO-RATS (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation-Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure) exercise’s closing ceremony in India, Ahmed said that since Indian participation was also at the same level in Pakistan, our participation was anticipated to be in that manner.

In October, India will host the SCO-RATS training exercises in Haryana’s Manesar. This year, India is serving as the SCO RATS chair. Pakistan is taking part in the summit as an observer at the closing ceremony.

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