Thursday, September 29, 2022

Bihar: Several fields submerged after embankment of canal breached in Motipur

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In Motipur, Muzaffarpur, an embankment of the Tirhut canal collapsed, flooding many fields.

Tirhut Canal embankment has fallen in Siswa village, which is located in the Baruraj neighbourhood of Motipur block.

Shortly after the barrier failed, water started to quickly enter the settlements. However, as soon as Chief Engineer was informed, he and his group went to the area and immediately started fixing the dam.

SDM for Muzaffarpur West, Brajesh Kumar, remarked “The contractor made it possible to repair the dam. The locals have not experienced many paddy losses, according to reports. In order to avoid any problems for the farmers, the government would pay them fairly.”

Bihar currently has been facing severe flood danger as many sections in Patna are now experiencing Ganga river water. However, Patna government is on high alert in this regard.

Earlier on Friday, a video went viral that shows residents transporting a patient to a neighbouring hospital on a handmade canoe as Bihar faces floodwaters brought on by the monsoon. The patient is seen laying on the boat in the footage. A guy is seen holding a saline bottle. Another group of men can be seen navigating the boat through knee-deep water.

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