Thursday, September 29, 2022

16 arrested in connection with “death threat” to Siddaramaiah

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According to police, sixteen persons have been detained in relation to a death threat that state opposition leader Siddaramaiah received.

According to the Kodagu Superintendent Capt. Aiyappa MA, “a total of 16 persons have been detained in Kodagu in connection with the death threat calls to LoP Siddaramaiah, 9 people have been arrested in Kushalnagar, and 7 in Madikeri. All of whom will be presented before the magistrate court.”

The arrests follow Congressman’s assertion that he had received death threats as a result of his comments against Veer Savarkar.

Basavraj Bommai, chief minister of Karnataka, had earlier commanded an investigation. He said that the administration had taken this matter seriously and had pledged to conduct a comprehensive investigation.

In a media interaction, Bommai stated”We are serious about this matter. Additionally, I contacted and spoke with the Director General of Police. Police will look into the situation. I’ve instructed you to give the leader of the opposition proper security. No one should ever say anything like that to cause others to think something.”

The previous time Siddaramaiah visited Kodagu, BJP members violently protested against him. BJP supporters yelled at General Thimmaiah’s circle while flying a black flag. Former CM had been to Madenadu and Koyanadu to see the regions impacted by the rain.

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