Thursday, September 29, 2022

Demeaned Hindus again: BJP on Siddaramaiah eating meat before temple visit

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The BJP in Karnataka is investigating senior Congress politician Siddaramaiah on allegations that he had non-vegetarian food before going to a temple. He has been charged by the saffron party leaders with harming Hindus’ religious feelings.

Congress leader Siddaramaiah admitted he is not a vegetarian on Sunday and questioned if God has prescribed what people should and should not eat before going to temples.

“I ate lunch at a hotel… Has God outlined a certain diet? It appears that while visiting temples the next morning after eating meat is OK, doing so the same evening is not “He declared.

The BJP attacked the Congressman and claimed that Siddaramaiah had disrespected the sentiments of Hindus again, adding that he had once more insulted Hindu feelings.

“Those who don’t understand how Hindus feel about the temple will get an answer from people. Nalinkumar Kateel questioned, “Why do the drama of visiting the temples just when elections are approaching.”

Senior BJP legislator Basanagouda Patil Yatnal recommended adhering to local temple customs when visiting shrines in order to respect the religious adherents’ sentiments.
“Nobody, even Siddaramaiah, should offend the loyal. Siddaramaiah, if you’re brave, try the pork and go to a mosque, “He challenged.

In response to the BJP’s assault, former MLC and Kodagu district Congress leader Veena Acchaiah asserted that Siddaramaiah had no non-vegetarian food on the day he visited the shrine. “There was, in fact, chicken curry. Siddaramaiah, however, ate akki rotti and a unique bamboo shoot dish from Coorg “She stated.

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