Friday, September 30, 2022

Stunning Images of Cartwheel Galaxy captured by James Webb Telescope

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Cosmic Carnival Continues as the high-tech James Webb Telescope captures yet another ravishing image of a cartwheeled-shaped galaxy.
There are for a fact, more than thousands of galaxies yet to be unraveled by the James Webb Telescope. And after the first, few yet stunning images being captured by the James Webb Telescope (JWT), the JWT has successfully captured an image of a galaxy shaped in the form of the Cartwheel and the resemblance is uncanny.

The ‘Cartwheel galaxy’ is spotted 500 million light-years away. The shape has been created from a high-speed collision between a large spiral galaxy and a smaller galaxy that is not present in the astonishing image.

The dramatic visual is unusual to witness from a distance of 500 million light-years, in the sculptor constellation. The visual resembles a ripple in the pond after a stone is hurled into it, said NASA and ESA in a joint statement.

The Cartwheel galaxy was the result of the collision and is constantly evolving, before the collision, the shape of the galaxy was circular but now the nature of the galaxy is changing and will evolve even more in the future.

NASA elucidated details about the supermassive black hole at the heart of the galaxy and also the formations of the star in it.
JWT was able to locate regions rich in hydrocarbons, and dust similar to that on Earth.

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