Thursday, September 29, 2022

Two ISI suspects held from Rajasthan’s Pali and Bhilwara for espionage

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Rajasthan Police detained two people on Saturday in Rajasthan’s Bhilwara and Pali for allegedly spying for the Pakistani intelligence service.

Two accused, Narayan Lal Gadri (27) and Kuldeep Singh Shekhawat (24), have been named. It is claimed that they communicated with the ISI on social media.

“These kids were passing out secret information in the hunger for money and were in frequent contact with the Pakistani intelligence organisation,” stated Director General of Police (Intelligence) Umesh Mishra.

According to Mishra, both of the boys were thoroughly questioned by all the intelligence services and were detained on suspicion of engaging in espionage activities.

Following the receipt of information regarding these two suspects, the Rajasthan Crime Investigation Department (CID-Intelligence) was keeping an eye on their activities.

He further added that “During questioning, it was discovered that Narayan Lal Gadri, a resident of Bhilwara, had fallen prey to Pakistan’s intelligence services out of a desire for financial gain. He was providing Pakistan handling personnel with SIM cards from various mobile service providers so they could manage social media profiles using Indian cell numbers. Using the aforementioned numbers, he was transmitting the army classified information.”

He claimed that Shekhawat had created a social media profile under the guise of a false woman and an army employee, and that after befriending Indian soldiers, he began obtaining sensitive military information. He then used to give it to the female Pak handling officer after that.

Mishra further went on to say that the two defendants received compensation for spying for the Pakistani intelligence service.

A case has been filed against the accused as a result of the incident under the Official Secrets Act of 1923, the Information Technology Act, and the Indian Penal Code.

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