Friday, September 30, 2022

Union Min Pralhad Joshi calls Delhi CM Kejriwal a fraud for “promise of free power”

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Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, received criticism from Union Minister Pralhad Joshi for his “promise of free power in other states” and was labelled a “fraud.”

Before making commitments to other states, Pralhad Joshi questioned: “what Kejriwal had provided in Delhi.”

“Arvind Kejriwal, the CM of Delhi, is a liar. In numerous states, he has offered free power. What services did he offer in Delhi? Why aren’t the kids of AAP MLAs attending Delhi (government) schools if they’re operating smoothly” Union Minister Pralhad Joshi remarked.

Notably, during his visit to Gujarat last month, Delhi’s chief minister and AAP national leader Arvind Kejriwal pledged that if his party won the state’s election, it would offer free electricity up to 300 units per month.

Three months following the Assembly elections, the plan will be put into action. Additionally, if AAP is elected to power in the state, the AAP leader offered to cancel dues through December 2021.

“Our first assurance relates to the power supply. Gujarat’s residents are miserable. The expenses are excessive. In Delhi, we now offer free electricity. In Punjab, over 25 lakh households recently received no power bills “added Kejriwal.

“Gujarat is seeing a rise in AAP’s popularity. I polled the locals to find out if free power, health care, and education should be offered. 99 percent of respondents answered that education should be free, 97 percent said that healthcare should be provided without charge, and 91 percent said that power should be provided without charge,” he added.

Arvind Kejriwal cited AAP’s track record of upholding its word, saying, “If you discover any flaw afterward, you are free to not vote for AAP in the next election.” Once we take control of the State, we will honour all of the promises.

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