Thursday, September 29, 2022

3 Watchmen killings in the last 72 hours leave Sagar district in state of terror

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Three watchmen were killed in the past 72 hours, leaving Sagar district in a state of horror. Police have confirmed that they are investigating the “psycho-killer.”

In the Sagar district, there have been four reported instances of watchmen being killed in the past two months. Three days have passed since the last three killings. The police claim that various tools, including hammers and stones, were used in the crime. The killer appears to be mostly targeting people who are sleeping outside of their homes at night.

“Three watchmen have been killed in the last three days. Firstly, a watchman sleeping outside a factory was killed using a hammer. Secondly, the watchman of the Arts and Commerce College in the same district was killed using heavy stones. Then, on Wednesday night, another watchman guard was killed using a spade in the Ratona district” said ASP of Sagar district, Vikram Singh Kushwaha.

A security guard who was sleeping beneath the Macronia railway overbridge was murdered earlier in May with large stones. The Madhya Pradesh Police believe that a “psycho-killer” is behind these crimes.

“In the first murder, a hammer was used as a weapon & in the second murder, a stone was used. Another watchman was murdered last night in Sagar’s Motinagar area. Searches for the suspected murderer are underway. Police have got some important leads & are also interrogating the suspects. One of the suspects was seen in the Motinagar area and police are conducting searches,” the ASP said.

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