Thursday, September 29, 2022

Why China shelter Pak-based terrorists from global terrorist labelling?

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Chinese disregard for Indian national security concerns was made clear at the UN Security Council this month when it delayed adding Abdul Rauf Asghar Alvi, the de facto leader of the international terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM), who is based in Pakistan and is the younger brother of Masood Azhar Alvi, to the 1267 Taliban and Al Qaeda Sanctions Committee list.

For technical reasons, China once more put a stop to Abdul Rahman Makki’s listing in June of this year.

Makki is the director of political affairs for the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) in Pakistan and the main fund-raiser for the Muridke-based terror factory. Makki is the director of the so-called foreign relations department of the international terrorist organisation and the brother-in-law of LeT leader and global terrorist Hafiz Saeed.

Makki utilises the money it receives from West Asian nations to spread Islam as a cover for arming radicalised Muslims who then primarily attack the US, India, and Indian interests in Afghanistan.

LeT and JeM are two of the more than 40 terrorist organisations that call Pakistan home. They are family-run terror oligarchies that enjoy the support of Rawalpindi and the Pakistani deep state. In exchange for safety, access to funding, and freedom to operate in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, they carry out targeted killings at the order of the Rawalpindi GHQ.

Masood Azhar is in charge of the Bahawalpur-based terror organization’s overall management, while Rauf Asghar oversees all other aspects of the international terrorist group’s operations. The 2016 attack on the Pathankot air base and the 2019 attack on Pulwana were both planned by Rauf Asghar.

The truth is that Masood is at his madrassa in Pakistan Punjab even though Pakistan has notified the international financial terror monitor FATF that they are unable to locate him there.

China also objected to the inclusion of LeT intelligence chief Azam Cheema, who worked with terror group operational commander Zaki ur Rehman Lakhvi to train the 26/11 attackers as well as those who attacked Indian hinterlands before the Mumbai massacre. This was done as a reward for Pakistan to keep India involved in regional conflicts. However, this is not all.

China also protested the 2015 designation of Mohamed Yusuf Shah, popularly known as Syed Salahuddin, the leader of the Hizbul Mujahideen, a terrorist organisation located in Pakistan that primarily targets Jammu and Kashmir.

The Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), which benefits from refuge in Pakistan, frequently employs Salahuddin to incite fear among Valley residents and encourages the union of the UT with Pakistan.

While the US has blacklisted all of the aforementioned individuals on terrorism-related charges for the past ten years and earlier, China is sponsoring terrorism against India by putting obstacles in the way of the 1267 committee and protecting the mass killers from going to jail.

The barter is that Pakistan stays silent about the Communist Party of China’s mistreatment of Uighur Sunni Muslims in the unrest-plagued Xinjiang region. Masood Azhar’s name was presented to the sanctions committee in 2010, and over ten years later, in 2012, he was added to the 1267 list.

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