Thursday, September 29, 2022

Mizoram: Three wildlife animals rescued, suspected to be smuggled from Myanmar

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According to the police, three exotic wildlife species were saved by Mizoram police on Friday during an operation against wildlife species smuggling.

According to the authorities, the animals may have been smuggled out of Myanmar.

“At the Tuisenphai Checkgate, the police saved 3 exotic animal species from a car and the custody of Champhai district residents Vanlalrosiama (25) and C Liankunga (52). It is believed that animals are being smuggled out of Myanmar “police reported.

As the preservation and conservation of wildlife species is one of our main goals and responsibilities, Mizoram police declared, “We will never let our guards down against criminal smuggling of wildlife species.”

Two spider monkeys (one of which is pregnant) and one Indri lemur are among the species that have been saved.

The truck and saved animals were sent to Champhai Customs Preventive Force.

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