New Delhi: Government warnings failed to reverse dangerous weight gain as the United States reached a frightening milestone in obesity. More than four in 10 American women have been classified as obese in an alarming new milestone for the nation.

There had been a consistency in the rates of obesity for men and women in the US roughly for the past decade. But in recent years, the percentage of obese women has escalated to 40 in comparison to 35 of the men. The numbers are based on a small government survey that is considered the best measure of the nation’s obesity problem.

The mystery remains unsolved as health researchers fail to pin-point the reasons for the scary rise. Experts say there are a range of possible explanations, including that many women are satisfied with a larger body size. Obesity, which means the condition of being seriously overweight, is considered one of the leading public health problems for the nation as it can also trigger diabetes, lead to heart diseases and other serious health problems.