New Delhi: Surviving a car crash is a big deal, especially when the accident is a big one. So when a Melbourne artist, Patricia Piccinini, sculpted the human-like statue named ‘Graham’, the world had a glimpse of how a human, who is insusceptible to be killed in a car crash, looked like.

Graham, a grotesque creation on its first look, was used for road safety campaign by the Transport Accident Commission of Victoria, Australia. Constructed entirely out of silicone and human hair, Graham looks like an alien who has poorly adorned the body of a human.

“This is an artwork, and it needs to connect with the audience on an emotional level while still communicating some very serious ideas. The idea is to stimulate conversation and questions rather than tell people what to think or feel,” said the artist.

Graham’s face is flattened to take in the energy of an impact and much larger skull to protect the brain since it is the most sensitive area. His ribs are protruding out of his chest and his head is attached to his shoulder with the absence of a neck.

In the real world, if Graham was to ever replace humans on the steering wheel, he would probably outlive us all.


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