London: Children who spend a lot of time on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are less happy with their appearance and they are more likely to quarrel with their parents, show results of a survey.

The survey involving 3,500 children between ages 10-15 found that of those who use social media for more than three hours a night, only 53% were happy with their looks compared with 82% who never use such sites.

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The survey, carried out by Essex University in Britain over several years, also found that heavy users of social media are also more likely to argue with their parents, Daily Mail reported.

Some 44% who are online for more than three hours said that they quarrelled with their mother more than once a week. Light and non-users of social networks are half as likely to argue with their mothers.

Truancy rates are also higher for heavy users (14%) than light users (6%), the report added.

The survey, however, showed that aspiration to go to a university is marginally higher among social media users as compared to those who avoid social networks.