New Delhi: As Delhi is choking with pollution with most of its parts witnessing smog levels that are almost five times higher, the US environmental protection agency on Monday said that the national capital is the most polluted city on earth right now.

The measurements taken at the US Embassy in Delhi recorded the Air Quality Index at 999 on Monday.

“Measurements taken at the US Embassy in Delhi put the city’s Air Quality Index at 999 on Monday, off the standard chart, which finishes at the “hazardous” level of 500,” the agency told CNN.

According to the report, Delhi’s air quality is the worst, followed by Mexico City, Los Angeles and Beijing.

The data shows New York as the least polluted city in the world.

India’s next most polluted city Chandrapur has recorded levels of 824, according to the World Air Quality Index.

While schools are shut in Delhi and the National capital Region (NCR), the state govt has issued a notice banning the construction for the next four days.

The alarming pollution levels in the city have become an epidemic in Delhi and the Indian medical Association (IMA) has asked the Delhiites to stay indoors.

“We are now calling this as a pollution epidemic. Our advisory to people is to stay at home, if possible work from home and avoid stepping outside the house,” the IMA said.