New Delhi: Advantage Organic Natural Technologies a company with wellness properties is one of India’s brands that manufactures organic clothing under the brand name of ‘Joy of Life’. The brand produces a range of nightwear, undergarments, yoga wear and undergarments for children. The manufacturing unit is situated in the lap of Himachal Pradesh in Shimla. The brand has patents in USA and Europe.
Mr. Rajiv Rai Sachdev, Managing Director, Joy of Life spoke exclusively to NewsX and shared the following:
Q. Tell us about ‘Joy of Life’ and what it does?
A. Joy of Life is a garment brand with wellness properties. The brand produces a variety of products like nightwear, undergarments, yoga wear and undergarments for children.
Q. Tell us about your relationship with IIT Delhi.
A. The product was shared with IIT Delhi and it loved the new concept thus the idea of the product was incubated in IIT Delhi. The product, which was garments with wellness properties was developed there. The company over the
years has developed technologies and innovation in collaboration with IIT Delhi, which are amongst the finest in its domain. These products complement the handloom and Khadi sectors in India.
Q. What is ‘Ayurvastra’?
A. ‘Ayurvastra’ has been existing since ages. Before the second industrial revolution there was hardly any synthetic clothing available in the market. It was in 1856 that a chemist William Henry Perkin who developed a synthetic dye. After a very long time, people realized the importance of organic clothing and have started to move back to organic clothing. The herbal dyes include ‘neem’, ‘tulsi’ and apple cider vinegar which by their origin have medicinal properties and can improve the immunity of the body and help preventing germs in the environment from infecting one’s body.
Q. So are you the only ones in the industry following this process of dyeing?
A. There are many players in the industry and the market growth is phenomenal. India produces almost 74% of the organic clothing in the world but the irony is that the total consumption of organic clothing in the world is closely 1%(unoffficial figure). ‘Joy of Life’ produces all the organic garments without the use of any chemicals from the beginning till the end.
Q. Why is India not adapting to organic clothing?
A. The major reason why many people are not inclined towards the organic garments is because there is lack of awareness and people are not aware about the benefits of these products. Cost factor is another reason for the low demand as organic clothing is slightly more costly than the ordinary clothing available in the market.
Q. What are the future plans of the company?
A. This is a new concept so as of now the company aims at selling products that come directly in contact with human skin. There are a lot many products in the kitty which have still not touched the market that the company can provide. We can produce anything that deals with textile. Right now the company manufactures women wear (lingerie, innerwear, leggings), menswear (innerwear), kids wear (new born sets, undergarments), nightwear (women and
men) and yoga wear (women and men). In future the company plans to also manufacture sanitary pads, tampons and diapers for adults and kids. We are also looking into products used by para-military forces as well as the defence forces such as uniforms for harsh environments and bandages for burns and wounds.
Q. Is the industry only in Himachal Pradesh or elsewhere too?
A. Various by products of the food industry can be used as raw materials in the organic textile industry as they have excellent medicinal and coloring values and Himachal has these products in abundance. Also the cost of production would increase if the product was produced anywhere else and there is very less pollution in Himachal.