Chairman of Meenakshi Mission Hospital, Madurai, Dr. Gurushankar is well-known in Tamil Nadu for turning his father’s small hospital into a Rs 350 crore group today. Started by his father Dr. N Sethuraman, Meenakshi Mission Hospital under the able hands of Dr. Gurushankar provides affordable and free healthcare to lakhs of people in Tamil Nadu.

Today, Dr. Gurushankar, 37, is fighting another battle – his concerns are around NEET and healthcare in Tamil Nadu. “When two ex-chief ministers of the state don’t trust government hospitals and prefer to take treatment in private hospitals, doesn’t it say a lot? Our government hospitals need to be top quality,” he laments.

As for Anitha and NEET, a visibly upset Dr. Gurushankar asks, “She had dreams and they were snuffed out so early in life. My father studied in Tamil medium school in rural Tamil Nadu and went on to become a successful doctor. Is this possible today with NEET? The quality of education is not uniform in the state, how can they expect students from rural areas to excel? What is the government doing to help them?”

Watch this exclusive interview with Dr. Gurushankar where he talks about NEET and what the state and central governments can do to improve healthcare in India.