National Capital Delhi which doesn’t have a good reputation in terms of controlling pollution in the city is witnessing some of its worst days as the entire National Capital Region has been engulfed in a thick layer of harmful smog. Pollutants in Delhi’s air at some place is still at PM10 level and people have been advised to remain indoors. Meanwhile schools in the national capital have been shut till Sunday as per order by Delhi deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia.

The lot of hue and cry was done over Delhi’s air quality in and National Capital Region (NCR) amidst Diwali this year when a ban on the sale of firecrackers was ordered. It was done to observe Delhi’s pollution while celebrating the festival without firecrackers. Comparatively, the effect of pollution in Delhi’s atmosphere wan’t witnessed less than what it was a year before. Still at present, the condition of Delhi’s pollution is worsening day by day. It’s the second consecutive day when the national capital is being troubled due to thick layer of smog. The situation is that bad as one can even see pollutants floating in Delhi’s air with bare eyes.

Pollution control authorities have advised people in Delhi and National Capital Region (NCR) to remain indoors. It is also not advisable for people, especially elderly and those suffering from deadly diseases like Asthama and have breathing problems to take all precautions till situation improves. 

Time and again, Delhi in order to curb its pollution have tried out different ways to tackle it. In 2016, the Delhi government introduced the Odd/Even formula to lower down vehicles density in the capital. However, the task did not resulted in curbing pollution as it was supposed too. Also, it caused a big inconvenience to lot of people. The authorities this year also while monitoring the situation in Delhi on Tuesday increased parking fare by four times in order to discourage people using their private vehicles and move towards public transport. Well at a time when Delhiites continue to suffer from poor air quality, check out how people are amusing themselves by sharing funny memes, pictures on social media. 

As Delhi’s air quality worsens, people share funny memes and pictures of Delhi’s pollution