Any type of turbulence in the exterior world can leave a negative impact on people’s mental health. While some mental disorders are psychological, some can also be hereditary. In some cases, the mental health of a person can take a toll in an unsuitable environment he or she is living in. To what we call depression, it is one of the worst enemies of the human body. Mental health has become extremely significant and is a major concern across the world. People who become prey to depression often turn to substance abuse rather than seeking help. To combat the evil called depression, Dr Acharya Vinod Kumar Ojha is the name one can completely rely on. 

 Not only an excellent doctor who helps people in battling depression, but he is also an astrologer who holds expertise in analyzing horoscope and predicting the future. According to him, vibe plays a crucial role. He believes that if a person is surrounded by positivity, he or she will prosper and if there is negativity around, it hampers a person’s overall health. Not all dare to face what life throws at them. In this situation, he says that one must never give up. “Everything comes and goes in phases. What matters the most is how strongly we deal with the situation”, says Dr Acharya.

 Many believe that whatever a person experiences in life is all because of the good and bad deeds done by him or her in the past life. In simple words, the concept of karma is true to life as the people who do good work get the best fruits in the present life. The past life impressions and the act of karma are somehow even interlinked with astrology. The doctor who hails from Delhi has imparted his best knowledge by helping many people solve complex problems that were because of astrological complications. Along with it, he has always been there for those who go through some of the difficult phases of life.

Especially during this time of the pandemic, many people have gone through the ups and downs of life like being unemployed. Dr Acharya through his consultations has helped people get out of depression, thus giving them a new dimension to life. When asked how to tackle depression and anxiety, he said, “Everything begins from your mindset. You must train your mind and let it rest rather than overthinking and making things complicated. If you feel depressed, you must seek help and always speak what you feel. The more you keep it to yourself, the more it will eat you from within. I also suggest people do meditation and spend quality time with themselves.” Through his predictions and solutions, the doctor has changed the fortunes of many by giving them a meaningful yet peaceful life.