And THEN THERE WERE NONE, cackled the virus with his measly voice, clapping slimy snot filled hands together. Green pus oozed droplets that traveled the globe as he attempted to extinguish the human race. None knew the power of this little monster, and we sat in uncertain wonder. Was he teaching us a moral lesson, urging us to respect nature we thought? But when he overstayed his due, we grew skeptical. We wondered, was he trying to destroy us.

Staying true to Hitlers expansionist policy, our little virus is marching to the uncertain beats of a pandemic. He sends each of us scurrying like rats into our own dark holes, both economic and psychological. Fear grips every drop of perspiration that runs down our necks, and between rumors, distant vaccines, and falsely propagated cures we cannot trust our own lines of thought anymore.

In an attempt to separate fact from fiction, this article simply points together a few purported myths that are in fact facts. Not attempting to enlarge or discard the impact of this virus, I am simply repackaging information found on the WHO website. Trust no one not even yourself, and here is a list that affords a semblance of clarity.

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Neither the heat nor cold is a weapon against our nemesis. All earlier myths that claimed an end to the virus with the onset of summer, have now changed stance and say that snowy winters will freeze it away. None of these are proven facts, and as we change seasons, the consistency of the virus does nothing to support these weathered claims. Taking a burning hot bath burns not Covid-19, but your skin.

Exposing yourself to the sun does not disinfect you from the virus. Neither do hand-dryers act to kill the virus. Washing one’s hands and using an alcohol-based sanitizer are currently the most effective means of prevention. Ultraviolet radiation through UV lamps must be stringently avoided. It causes skin irritation and can damage your eyes.

A weary man must also remember that it is a convenient myth that says drinking alcohol is a covid-19 deterrent. It may be considered an anti-bacterial for external wounds, but internally it only exacerbates health problems and fights against your immunity.

Similarly, adding pepper to your soup or eating garlic, have not proven any results in protecting people against the virus. Although harmless superstition helps us keep control of our anxieties, we must forgo the authority with which we shout these claims, often detrimental in the realm of misinformation they promote.

Extremely relevant to our lives today are masks, and while effective, it is not recommended to wear them while exercising. Sweat moistens the mask, reducing our ability to comfortably breathe through it. Distance must be strictly maintained when we let our masks down. However, the prolonged use of medical masks does NOT cause CO2 intoxication or oxygen deficiency.

Also, despite certain claims to the contrary, we must remember that there are currently no drugs licensed for the treatment or prevention of covid-19. Hydroxychloroquine is meant to treat malaria and overuse in the name of coronavirus could have serious side-effects. Coronavirus patients are given medicine to relieve the symptoms they encounter, but there is no proof of cure. Vaccines against pneumonia do not vaccinate you against coronavirus.

Introducing bleach, ethanol, methanol, and other disinfectants into your body can be extremely fatal and must be avoided irrespective of any claims to the contrary from different quarters. While these substances may be used to clean surfaces, consumption can harm your internal organs, and lead to disabilities or death.

So, as we march towards the exit of this unlit cave, we must take care not to slip. Staying cautious and wary, we need to remember that paranoia can blind us to the distant light.

The likelihood of our shoes tracking in the virus is exceptionally low, but in the interests of hygiene we could leave them at the door. We must maintain our rationality and remember, that no matter the conspiracies, viruses cannot travel on radio waves/mobile networks, as many countries with 5G network services have begun to fear.

Caution is a must, and every age group is susceptible, with some more vulnerable than others. These taxing times however call for support and understanding, an understanding that realizes that in our country alone the recovery rate stands at 61.5% of confirmed cases, notwithstanding the numerous asymptomatic cases that go unrecorded.

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