Youth leader and social activist Azad Singh Rathore organized a felicitation ceremony to honor all the COVID-19 workers on Friday.  In a statement released by Rathore, it was told that all the medical personnel being honored in the ceremony have had served as warriors and have faithfully discharged their duties. The Principal of a local Medical College, Dr. Rajendra Kumar Aseri, and PMO Dr. BL Mansuria honored the warriors with certificates, memorial, and shawl.

Dr. Aseri said, “ every employee associated with our entire medical department has worked with all his/her hard work in this bariatric epidemic.” The list of people honored included PC Deepan, Sattaram Bhakhar, Motilal Khatri, Indraprakash Purohit, Shankar Bhavani and Narendra Kumar.

Azad was recently in news for organizing various programs on the birthday of former Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot. It included a District level cricket competition named ‘The Sachin Pilot Championship’.