Delhi has become a gas chamber, courtesy a mix of smoke and fog (smog) which has engulfed the entire city and is choking people. The air quality index in the city has crossed 450 on a scale that maxes out at 500. According to doctors, inhaling the air right now is equal to smoking 50 cigarettes a day. If you are dwelling over your health and trying to find ways to protect yourself from the air poison, we have compiled a few tips for you.

Invest in a good quality air pollution mask: Try to find a mask with ventilation outlets and a nose clip so that it does not move from its place. In the market, masks are available in the price range of Rs 100 and Rs 5000. Do not go for cheap masks as they might not provide you with enough protection. Likewise, you do not need to burn a hole in your pocket either as some of the masks between the range of Rs 300 and Rs 600 work just fine.

Limit your outdoor activity: The best way to protect yourself from bad effects of smog is to limit your outdoor activity. Inhaling the polluted air for a long time can trigger lung infections, pneumonia and TB. Do not venture out unnecessarily as this is certainly not the time to be having fun outdoors. Protect your kids too as they more prone to respiratory diseases. If you suffer from respiratory ailments, do not forget to carry inhaler/sprays with you.

Use air purifiers inside your house: Use air purifiers enabled with HEPA filters inside your home to purify the air. Also, try to keep the windows and doors shut to prevent the smog from entering your house.

Wear sunglasses/full sleeved clothes. In order to avoid burning of eyes and skin, keep yourself fully covered. Take care of your eyes too and wear shades before stepping out.


Do not smoke: As per doctors, inhaling the air at present is equal to smoking 50 cigarettes. Trust us, you do not want to smoke more cigarettes than that.

Avoid eating outside. Yes people, it is not the time to indulge in your favourite chaat at the moment. Food log exposed to air pollution can cause severe illnesses at this juncture.

Do not wear surgical masks: It is important to be aware of the different types of masks available in the market. Surgical masks are different from pollution masks and do not protect from microparticles like PM2.5, which happen to be the primary cause of ailments in the human body.

Avoid travelling in cars. Agreed, the primary reason behind the current state of air pollution is stubble burning, but do you want to add more to by taking your cars outside for a ride? Use your vehicles only if it is absolutely necessary or travel by bus/metro.