Trouble for people in Delhi, National Capital Region doesn’t seem to end as the areas surrounding the national capital is covered with thick smog layer. Such environment is not suitable especially for people who are asthmatic, have breathing problem and is not at all advisable for such people to move out of their homes. The pollution level in Delhi or the Air Quality Index (AQI) during the early morning hours was around 396 which is defined as very poor. The thick smog layer has also hit visibility in the vicinity affecting train operations with many of them running late. The visibility in Delhi went down to 200m and the situation is getting worse. The air quality which was 396 in early morning hours further increased to 403.

How does smog surrounds Delhi?

As the National Capital shares it’s borders with farming states like Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, one of the main reason why Delhi is experiencing such high pollution level is due to burning of crop stubble, lit garbage and road dust. However, since it’s that time of the year when the winters are setting in, the pollution and dust particles present in the air are not able to exit from the environment as they get trapped in the atmosphere due to stagnant winds. Also, the vehicular pollution caused by millions of fuel vehicles like cars, trucks, buses and industrial pollution together adds up and creating living conditions in the national capital not very suitable. This is the second time in this year after Diwali that Delhi is experiencing such high pollution levels. 

Previously after Diwali, despite the ban on the sale of firecrackers in Delhi-NCR, there was pomp and show of fireworks in Delhi and neighbouring areas, the result of which was seen the following day. Delhiites woke up to a blanket of smog and other pollutants complaining of blurry vision and itchy eyes and throat. The level of pollution in some of the region in Delhi was way more than the normal level.

Take a look at some photos posted by people on Twitter showing worst condition in Delhi as thick smog covers the national capital region

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