Diwali, one of the biggest festivals in Hindu religion is here and everyone is gearing up for its mega celebrations. Diwali is a festival of lights, lighting diyas, decorating homes with creative illustrations, fairy lights, flowers and one of the most exciting aspects of this occasion is to celebrate by bursting fire crackers. Fire Crackers make the festival more happening, majorly among the children the magical sticks and air bustling rockets are a hit. But, the Supreme Court recently piled a ban on sale and purchase of crackers in Delhi-NCR leaving them without all the fun. E-crackers can be at the rescue as these are harmless, pollution free graphics available on the internet which can give the same experience as of heavy bursting crackers.  

E-fire crackers, a virtual way to enjoy bursting fire crackers, could be an option this Diwali to enjoy the sparkling, glittering, smokeless bursting of fire crackers and also a one without spending thousands of rupees. E-fire crackers is an environment-friendly, pollution-free way to enjoy fire crackers on Diwali and one of the easiest one. One can just simply search for fire crackers or e-fire crackers video on video sharing sites like YouTube etc and enjoy a seamless video of different kinds of fire crackers bursting with almost original sounds and other virtual reality effects. 

Previously, in a way to mull out some alternative to fire crackers, which is one of the major factors of polluting the environment, Union Environment Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan, in a press briefing a couple of days ago had said that the government had asked Indian scientists to discover ways to make zero-pollution fire crackers. Union Minister had said that this government’s move asking scientists to look for some alternative was an attempt to find a way so that people can celebrate their festival with custom and tradition and also fire crackers traders or business are also not affected. 

Here are a few E-crackers videos: