Speaking at the NewsX-The Sunday Guardian Global Conclave on Environment, Ecology and Wildlife on Monday, Minister of State (MoS) Dr Jitendra Singh lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts to address various environment concerns and making the government act on it. MoS Jitendra Singh while mentioning about nuclear energy said that India’s nuclear programme is largely focussed on its peacefull use. India has succeeded in giving nuclear programme a different image altogether. Whenever, there is a talk about nuclear plants, people think the administration is talking about atomic bombs but for India, our nuclear programme is mainly based on peaceful use of the energy.

Speaking government initiatives for alternative energy solution, MoS Jitendra Singh said that the government is paying massive attention towards solar energy and other cleaner sources. The minister once again lauded and praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts to address various problems. 

Jitendra Singh also talked about India’s achievements of exploring the space in the recent years. The Minister said that though Neil Armstrong landed on moon first but Indian Space Mission Chandrayan, was the first to trace the existence of water on the moon.

Concluding his address, MoS Jitendra Singh said that there is need to have a scientific and effective approach towards environment concerns. Amid all this, Jintendra Singh spoke about river transboundary Ravi crossing northwestern India and eastern Pakistan and said that for the past 40 years, there was some problem that the river water was flowing towards Pakistan, which should have been India’s share. However, since the time the Modi government took over, the administration identified the problem so that river water can be used for India purposes.

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