Supreme Court Advocate and Managing Partner Environment Legal Defence Firm, India’s first environmental law firm, Sanjay Udadhyay on Monday addressed the NewsX-The Sunday Guardian Global Conclave on Environment, Ecology and Wildlife. Speaking the at the Global Environment Conclave, Sanjay Updadhyay stressed upon having different laws for different geographical locations. Elaborating his thought, Sanjay said that there is need to have different set-up, laws for coastal regions, islands and deserted regions in the country in order to save the environment. 

Sanjay while mentioning that India has been a very reactive state when it comes to environment issues, said that there is a huge urban and rural divide. Most of our environmental laws have been taken from foreign constitutions, hence the rural population do not understand that. 

Sanjay Upadhyay while concluding his address said that there is a lot which is needed to be done, however, when situation comes to take the action, we fall short.

Previously speaking at the Global Environment Conclave, MoS Jitendra Singh, lauded PM Narendra Modi’s efforts to address various environment concern and making the administration to work on those objectives, in order to save and protect the environment. 

Speaking at the event earlier, Union Minister of Steel Birendra Singh said that the country has been able to reduce 33-35% of emissions in recent years and is looking for more renewable sources of energy, in order to cater to environment and sustainable development.

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