India is fighting with the second wave of coronavirus infection and hospitals in several states are staggering under a shortage of medical oxygen and beds because of rising COVID-19 cases.

Meanwhile, Poswal announced he is more than happy to help the people and government in arrangements of oxygen tanks, he contributed 11 lakhs to Rajasthan Government minding all the challenges in the state. He was also seen discussing such issues openly on social media and urging people to follow the norms no matter what.
While the government and oxygen producers are striving to increase the supply to states suffering a crisis, many people like Poswal have come forward to lend a helping hand.

He further said “Following the measures and practices is as much needed as any health equipment, to make sure there is not another wave waiting for us let’s be aware and wear masks even double masks”

As the infection swept over the country in recent days, many people took Instagram and Twitter to share the stories of people in need of beds, medical oxygen, or ventilators, in the hopes of finding help online, Poswal himself talked about these issues, the importance of maintaining safety protocols, urged people to not leave their houses unnecessarily and reassured them that things will get better soon with everybody’s support.

While the condition is expected to come under control over the next few days due to ongoing efforts, adequate steps need to be taken to reduce the number of daily Covid-19 cases and deaths, which are increasing rapidly at the moment.