India News on Thursday organised Arogyam Conclave and Awards and discussed how wellness will change your life. Notable speakers Shikha Sharma, Renowned Nutritionist, Doctor and Dietitian; Gunjan Gaur, Director, Alps Beauty Group and Meenakshi Dutt, Celebrity Makeup Artist discussed how wellness has suddenly become one of the agenda of your lifestyle and where is the red-line.

Shikha Sharma, Renowned Nutritionist, Doctor and Dietitian emphasized on the fake health news industry which has become problem in these days. Speaking about Ayurveda, she said that it’s one of the most logical science. People today are not only concerned about their health but entire wellness as a package. Proper knowledge about any type of remedies, organic food, techniques to remain healthy is utmost important. One should try to eat as much as chemcial free food.

Speaking on how to remain healthy and be more aware on the issue of wellness, Gunjan Gaur, Director, Alps Beauty Group said that don’t become your own doctor. One should read about more, gain knowledge, meet experts and then decide what to adopt and what not. Not only women, but men are also becoming equally conscious about their looks and appearance. They are ready to pay if they see the result.  

Meenakshi Dutt, Celebrity Makeup Artist said that looking beautiful is not wrong, need of the hour, the industry is here to grow, the younger generation has become so conscious about their looks. But if you make yourself so conscious about these things then its not good. It should not become the soul criteria for living your life. It’s good to do make-up and carry a glamorous look but one should know about their skin types and they themselves should feel comfortable.

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