As the world celebrates International Tiger Day on July 29, the census that assesses the population of the striped creatures still highlights some alarming figures. According to a recent data, only 3,980 tigers are left in the world, out of which 2,226 are present in India. Well, it is definitely a matter of pride for all the Indians as our country holds the largest populations of tigers in the world, but it also points towards the responsibility that comes with it. Being the holder of 70% of the tiger population, it is our responsibility to preserve tigers and safeguard their habitats from illegal poaching and trading.

According to a recent report, the experts suggested that India could be an example to the world when it comes to the Tiger reservation. In past few years, over nine tigers were released after slowly acclimating them to the wild, the Hindu reported quoting deputy forest conservator, Madhya Pradesh.



Since morning, the hashtag #InternationalTigerDay has been trending on the Twitter. One can easily observe that their Twitter feed is flooding with interesting and serious facts about the magnificent animal. Also, the tiger conservationists are sharing challenges and successes they have faced while preserving the species. 

The census conducted by India showed that there are 1,411, 1,706 and 2,226 tigers in 2006, 2010 and 2014 respectively. It has also been expected that after the completion of this year’s census, the numbers of tigers will increase in India.

Notably, the World Wide Fund for Nature or WWF said that the tiger population was increasing. In a statement it also claimed that a global collaboration of 13 tiger range country governments and International organisations dubbed as Tx2 initiative, are committed to double the number of tigers.

The majestic animal is on the verge of extinction and it is our responsibility to do not let that happen. A tiger is an important part of our ecosystem and we badly need it save the other animal species including the humans. 


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