The Chairman of Environment, Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority of NCR, Dr Bhure Lal, was highly critical of the alarming levels of pollution today and how society has been an instrumental contributor to it. He talked about the increasing hazards breeding in the polluted environment today and what all can be done to curb it.

While speaking at the NewsX’s Global Environmental Conclave in New Delhi on Monday, Dr Lal lamented the ever-worsening environment and how we humans have created a situation where even the sea is fighting for its surivival.

He talked about the indifference among people as a society which stops them from thinking about the well being of their neighbour and even loved ones. He stressed that whatever actions we are taking today are shaping the future for the younger generations to come.

Dr Bhure Lal said that there is a 300% increase in diseases caused by air and water pollution, and now the time has come when people should put a stop to their activities which are polluting the natural resources at a remarkable rate.

“We need to take measures for air quality control. Home air is more dangerous than outside air due to the burning of wood and other ways which are used to cook food.”

“The biggest problem is the implementation. We need to adopt right and clean technology while making sure there is no conflict between environment and development,” added Lal.

Bhure Lal then went on to explain that out of the total water present on the planet, which is two-third of the total landmass, there is merely 2% of it that is consumable. He also stressed on how the potable drinking water is depleting at an alarming rate and how we immediately need to address that concern.

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