iTV foundation in association with SVCT- a Delhi based NGO, organized a Relief Camp for Flood Victims at Yamuna River Bed, New Delhi. On July 29, 2018, in one-day long relief camp ITV Foundation reached to the victims living in the fear of the water flooding their hamlets. Workers of the Foundation led by Chairperson Smt. Aishwarya P. Sharma met the affected families and distributed Food, Fruits and basic Medicines and first aid kits. The camp was aimed at helping those residing in areas adjacent the Yamuna river-bed in New Delhi in the wake of the recent floods.

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In the camp, Food packets and fruits were disturbed to more than 100 families living in that flooded area. Besides that, medicines were distributed for symptoms like fever, vomiting, loose motions, Bacterial infection, skin infection, general body pains etc. In order to make sure that the people who have been affected by the recent floods residing in Yamuna river bed area, Iron tablets, multivitamin tablets, calcium tablets, cough syrups, band-aids, Savlon liquid bottles, cakes of toilet soap and ORS packets were also distributed to the people of that area.

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It was an initiative taken up by the iTV foundation in order to provide food and medical support to the victims of the flood. Almost every year, people residing near Yamuna river banks face this menace of the flood when due to monsoon rains, slums in and around Yamuna’s bed witnesses a surge in the water level, making it difficult for the people residing in these areas. However, in order to help people affected due to flood, iTV foundation in association with SVCT NGO organised a one-day camp in order to make a little change in the lives of the people.

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