Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas and Skill Development & Entrepreneurship Dharmendra Pradhan, on Wednesday addressed the concluding session of the NewsX-The Sunday Guardian Energy Conclave where he spoke about taking electricity to the last home in the country, on Solar energy and its per unit cost, using ethanol as a fuel option and converting waster in to fuel and energy, other technological advancement, and projects undertaken by the Modi government. Speaking on whether petroleum products will come under the GST, Dharmendra Pradhan said that it will eventually have to come under the GST. 

Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said that the Modi government completed its one of the flagship programme of connecting remaining 18,000 villages to power. However he added there are still 4 crore homes where electricity still hasn’t reached and for that the Modi government has take objective to complete this task in next one year at an expense of Rs 16,000 crore.

The Minister further said that the Modi government’s aim is to give power justice to the people of the country. He also talked about Solar energy where the per unit cost has been reduced from Rs 18 to Rs 2-3. The Power or energy sector will see an investment of around 300 billion US dollars in the coming years where Rs 2-3 lakk crore will only be available for employment opportunities. 

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Saying that energy sector in India is going to be one of the leading sectors in the coming years in terms of growth and employment. The minister added that 55% of India’s energy requirement is being satisfied through coal. Now, the objective is to make energy production more cleaner by producing methanol from it which can be further used as an energy source and fuel. 

Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan also shared that earlier around 5 lakh women in the country lost their lives due to domestic pollution.

Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas and Skill Development & Entrepreneurship Dharmendra Pradhan said that a joint venture by all the 3 leading petroleum companies in India along with two global companies will come up with a new project to further explore the petroleum and energy sector in the coming years.

The government has boosted projects creating ethanol fuel. In the coming years, the government’s objective is to double the farmers’ income. Dharmendra Pradhan further talked about bio-fuel and bio-energy. He also said that projects are coming up in the future to convert waste, bio-waste, vegetable market waste into fuel and energy. 

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