A story which can set a great example for smokers, a businessman from Northern Ireland’s Belfast has claimed that he has saved around £13,900 in last 3 and half years after saying bye bye to smoking. It proves that quitting smoking not only have the positive impact on your health but also help you to save money. The 47-year-old Jason Shankey started smoking at the age of 11, but even after his continuous efforts, he failed to give up smoking over the years. Being a father of two children he made up his mind to quit smoking and finally succeeded in the mission.

Jason, speaking on No Smoking Day, said, “I started smoking when I was 11 years of age. I had the habit of smoking because all my friends were smokers.” Now, along with hair and skin care salons in Belfast, he runs a dedicated Stop Smoking Service, to encouraged smokers to quit smoking. Jason added that I used to ignore warnings on the cigarette packets but after its negative impact on my health. I determined to finally quit smoking. A book called The Easy Way To Stop Smoking by Allen Carr helped me in this rally and I hasn’t looked back since three and half years. Belfast resident said, ” I also took the help of advanced technology and installed an Andriod app Quit Now!.

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Sharing his experience, the businessman said it’s not easy to quit smoking, but once you are determined it becomes easier. Speaking about the money he saved,”I have saved £13,900 from stopping smoking. After quitting smoking I feel fitter, healthier and younger than ever before.” Everyone adopts the quit smoking advice in a different way, but one should be 100% determined about it, said Jason. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) stats, there are around 120 million smokers in India and they comprise 12% of smokers in the world. Global Burden of Disease (GBD) study says that globally in 2015, over 11% of 6.4 million deaths were due to smoking.

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