A day after the National Green Tribunal slammed the Delhi government for implementing vehicle rationing Odd-Even scheme in Delhi, the tribunal on Saturday continued the hearing on the matter. Earlier on Friday, National Green Tribunal had said that Delhi government cannot bring back the odd-even scheme until it proves that the measure would not be counter-productive. The green tribunal conveyed it to the Delhi government that it has to justify the implementation of this scheme. NGT has also said that the Supreme Court had never asked for bringing back the odd-even scheme.

Further discussing the rising pollution in Delhi and National Capital Region, the National Green Tribunal asked the Delhi government has to prove whether the odd even scheme has reduced pollution or else the tribunal will stay the imposition of the scheme. “Supreme Court and NGT have suggested 100 measures to curb pollution but you always opted for odd-even. If you want we will hear the case tomorrow, but as of now we don’t find its desirable,” NGT added.

Live updates on NGT hearing on Odd-Even scheme 

  • Next hearing to take place on November 14. 
  • NGT directs Delhi government to reconsider decision to hike parking charges by four times in Delhi. 
  • There is no exemption at all, odd-even will be implemented even on VIPs, only emergency vehicles will be exempted. 
  • Emergency vehicles to get exemption during the odd-even scheme.
  • NGT directed “Odd-even scheme must be implemented in Delhi NCR as and when PM 10 crosses 300 level and PM 2.5 crosses 500”.
  • NGT gives nod to odd-even scheme and has also directs that there will be ‘no exemption’ for two-wheelers, government servants, VVIPs or women. 
  • NGT directs all the neighboring state governments and departments to ensure complete mechanism during environmental emergency, says don’t wait for crisis situation. Also directed various departments and executing agencies for better cooperation and coordination including Delhi police.
  • National Green Tribunal gives nod to the odd-even scheme. 
  • CPCB and DPCC submitted that two-wheelers are more polluting than four-wheelers, and their emissions comprise 20% of the total vehicular pollution. NGT observed that water sprinkling is a better way to control pollution.
  • NGT asked the Delhi government, “Won’t the hike of parking fees only benefit the parking lots, and would stress people even further, thereby encouraging them to park vehicles on the roads instead, choking them in the process?”
  • The National Green Tribunal asks Uttar Pradesh Government over the number of violators challaned in Noida and Greater Noida. 
  • NGT observed “it is most worrying that there is absolute non-cooperation between various departments of government”.
  • NGT asks Traffic Police to deploy its personnel at traffic lights, observing that almost all the main roads in the city are witness to diesel vehicles which are older than 10 years and petrol vehicles which are older than 15 years. 
  • NGT pulls up CMD of DTC for not reading the former judgement in this regard. NGT observed that it was unfortunate. NGT asked DTC on the number of its unused buses in its workshops.
  • The National Green Tribunal asks CPCB, DPCC and Delhi Govt “why didn’t you implement it earlier?”
  • NGT asked Delhi Govt about reasons behind exemptions and the impact of pollution emanating from two wheelers, and whether they intend to employ this scheme of odd-even whenever the pollution levels spiral, to which the Delhi Govt stated that this couldn’t be said as of now.
  • Central Pollution Control Board submitted before the National Green Tribunal that rain could take place in the next two days.
  • NGT to Delhi government: So we should assume that the government is sure of the odd even scheme’s benefit, and of no inconvenience taking place to the citizens?
  • NGT observed that its patience shouldn’t be tested, asking the Delhi government that when the statistics have indicated that rain leads to a fall in pollution levels, why wasn’t action taken ? It’s now being taken after the Tribunal said so.
  • NGT asked the Centre and the Delhi government to name a big city where PM 10 levels were lower than 100. 
  • Central Pollution Control Board submitted that they had warned the Delhi government orally in advance about the impending problem, which the Delhi government denied.
  • NGT asks Delhi government to show the letter on basis of which this decision was taken, and whether the LG’s approval was taken for the same. NGT asked the Delhi government to state how many times does a person breathe in a day.
  • NGT asks Delhi Government the rationale behind applying the odd even scheme, and why it wasn’t applied when the air quality situation was worse.
  • Hearing in the National Green Tribunal underway. The bench is headed by Justice Swatantra Kumar. Advocate Tarunvir Kehar is Delhi Govt’s counsel, in the case.