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Eye Health in Work-from-Home Era: Does Too Much Screen Time Hurt Your Vision

We need to realize that the nature of demand on our eyes changes as compared to when we regularly read a printed page or write in the physical mode.

Patient Counselling: A key to People Centred Care

The counsellors can then offer treatment plan in partnership with the patient, by effectively managing their perceptions and choices.

Sending the wrong message by Subhradip Karmakar

According to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), Washington, omicron infections are set to surge in the next two to three months and may infect1-2 billion people globally.

2021 was a Year of Better Health Decisions, 25% Surge in Patients Choosing Yoga and Naturopathy as their Lifestyle

According to one of the leading naturopathy institutes, Jindal Naturecure Institute, there's been a substantial rise of almost 25% in the queries the team receives online and offline for the Naturopathy treatments.

How lifestyle changes can prevent ovarian cancer death?

Women with late marriages, late pregnancy, no pregnancy & obesity were found to be more vulnerable to ovarian cancer.

Why Food Waste May Be One of The Most Pressing Climate Concerns

According to a UN report, the household food wasted in India was estimated to be about 68.7 million tonnes a year, while an estimated 931 million tonnes of food were wasted globally in 2019, enough to circle the Earth seven times.

“Self Reliant India”: Knowledge book on Green Hydrogen to be launched at ICS 2021

“Self Reliant India – Harness the Power of Hydrogen”, is authored by Dr Karen Landmark, Dr J.P. Gupta and a team of International experts and is an Indo-Norwegian knowledge partnership on Green Hydrogen.

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