Ajay Girotra, Managing Director of AG Dauters, on Monday explained how his sole mission is to bring about the much-needed environmental change to the world. His business is dedicated to providing an unlimited supply of clean and potable drinking water to the masses and reuse the waste materials, which turn into contagious wastage overtime, by converting it into power and fuel. While speaking at the Global Environmental Conclave organised by NewsX in New Delhi, Ajay Girotra showcased his plans which aim to radicalise tour approach towards industrial waste.

According to one of the inventions that he has come up with in his company, oxygen and hydrogen molecules can be isolated from the most toxic of the waste materials and can be turned into two essential components – usable water and fuel. In one of the many visuals presented by him at the conclave, he showed how a complex system of machinery put in place by AG Dauters can consume all the toxins and garbage, and in turn produce the “cleanest drinking water on the planet.”

“Any kind of waste has two components, water and waste. We recreate water from waste without using any kind of RO system. The fuel that we create has zero carbon dioxide emission,” he exclaimed.

Ajay Girotra then said that time has come to take Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat Mission to another level and called upon the country to use advance technology, to produce fuel and energy.

He further asserted that there are plans in motion already in collaboration with the state governments to implement the technological advancements to the country. According to Girotra, the entire project requires a total investment of some Rs 50,000 crore and AG Dauters is in advanced talks with the states for the project’s implementation.


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