Niine Sanitary Napkins in partnership with JCI and FOGCI has organised Run4Niine on March 8, International Women’s Day, towards ending the silence and taboo around menstruation and the low usage of sanitary napkins. The mega event will kick-start the Niine Movement to increase the usage of sanitary napkins from 18% to 82% in all regions of the country, especially in the rural areas where such taboos run far deeper than in cities.

Run4Niine is a major milestone of the Niine Movement, which was started on May 28, 2018, by Niine Sanitary Napkins. The event will be held in Lucknow and shorter runs and activities will be organised across the country in 500+ cities.

Actor Akshay Kumar, who starred in the film PadMan, which revolves around menstrual hygiene, supports Niine Movement and will be in Run4Niine. He says, “I am excited to announce my partnership with the Niine Movement to take this to the streets of India and invite my fellow citizens, compatriots, change makers and pathbreakers to join me for Run4Niine, to raise awareness and initiate action on menstrual hygiene. Each of us, when joined together, will form a chain – an unstoppable force fighting an improbable stigma.

Ninne founder Amar Tulsiyan said, “I am delighted to be launching Run4Niine. The first event of its kind, we aim to galvanise the population into action and hope to get every woman, man and child running to break the taboos around menstrual hygiene. I would like to thank JCI and FOGSI for their support to help extend the reach of Run4Niine further, and to thank Akshay Kumar for his continued support. It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to work with such esteemed organisations and brilliant minds and we look forward to expanding our partner footprint further to truly create a chain of Niine.”

The Niine Movement seeks to break the myth that rural India doesn’t use napkins because of cost. But on the ground, it is a different situation as Niine, which is part of the Niine Movement, found out: napkin availability is limited in the hinterland. To encourage the use of sanitary napkins, Niine enrolled rural women as emissaries to spread the word about menstrual hygiene along with livelihood opportunities for them. This was a two-pronged effort to ensure napkins were made available in rural areas.

Niine has worked with management students to develop unique and effective rural marketing strategies. One of them is to enlist rural women with interests in hygiene and sanitation to influence other women to move from using cloth and other unsafe practices to the more hygienic sanitary napkin. In addition to this, menstrual training is also provided to NCC cadets so that they can subsequently train local young girls and women.

Niine Movement demonstrated to villagers around Gorakhpur and in Kanpur on how sanitary napkins are better than other options currently in use. Schoolgirls and other participating women were given Niine Sanitary Napkins. IIM Lucknow organized street-play competitions on menstrual hygiene in Raipur, Mubarakpur and Narharpur.

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