A couple of months ago, a sperm whale was found dead on the southern coast of Spain in February. The scientists found out that the whale died because it was not able to expel the plastic it has swallowed. Reports said that about 29 kilos of plastic were discovered in the stomach of the 10-meter-long male whale. There were uncovered plastic bags, a jerry can, and several pieces of rope and net found in the autopsy report. It is not the only incident of its kind that was reported, several cases highlighting the same concern towards our environment were raised earlier too. Well, it is April 22, the world’s Earth day. Those concerned about their environment are busy making efforts to spread awareness about the issues standing beside earth and need to be tackled.

This year, the theme for Earth Day 2018 is ‘End Plastic Pollution’, and environmental activists across the country are busy sharing their efforts with people to make them aware of what is necessary to make earth a better place to live. Talking about attempts to end plastic pollution on Earth Day, sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik is using his remarkable talent to spread the important message. Pattnaik chose the Puri beach in Odisha to create a stunning 3D sand sculpture that fulfills its objective. With a strong message “Stop pollution, Save earth”, Pattnaik has made the sculpture which shows a crocodile with a plastic bottle in its mouth.


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While making his masterpiece with people through his Twitter account, Pattnaik tweets: “On #EarthDay with focus on #EndPlasticPollution, appeal all to curb the use of plastics & polythene in daily life for the well-being of Mother Earth”. The tweet has garnered about 1,700 likes and retweeted over 509 times. He is not the only artist who has raised his voice on the issue; environmental activists across the country are making efforts to make others aware of the plastic pollution and its effect.

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