On Wednesday, the country was left shocked after Bollywood actor Sonali Bendre revealed that she fighting high-grade cancer. The actor who was last seen judging a TV reality show — India’s Best Draamebaaz — is currently in New York where she is getting her treatment done. Sonali Bendre broke the news of her suffering from high-grade cancer by taking to her social media handle and stated that it was the love and support from her family and fans that are giving her the strength to fight the battle against cancer. The following developments come in after Irrfan Khan was diagnosed with NeuroEndocrine Tumour. While the fans are still trying to digest the cancer reports, most are curious about the ‘high-grade’ cancer which the actress is suffering from.

Let us help you in decoding the types of cancer, their various symptoms and also how they can be avoided. Now, let’s start with the type of cancer which Sonali Bendre is suffering from, high-grade cancer.

Sonali Bendre diagnosed with ‘high-grade’ cancer, being treated in New York

Now, what is high-grade cancer? It is particularly a term that is used to describe the abnormal cells and tissues under a microscope. The high-grade cancer is said to be more dangerous as compared to low-grade cancer because under high-grade the cancer cells spread and grow faster than low-grade cells.

Experts suggest that cancer grade may be used to determine the prognosis and planned treatment. Also, since high-grade cancer have bad prognosis it requires immediate and aggressive treatment.

Now, coming back to square one, what is cancer? The growth of abnormal cells anywhere inside a human body is called cancer. The abnormal cells are termed as cancer cells or tumor cells. Many abnormal cells that result in the formation of cancer tissue are mostly identified by the names from the tissue they originate from like breast cancer, lung cancer and others.

High-grade cancer compels Sonali Bendre to quit India’s Best Dramebaaz

Talking about the risk factors and the causes of cancer, anything that causes a normal human body cell to develop abnormally may result in cancer. While some of the causes of cancer still remain unknown, other reasons for cancer are said to the lifestyle of the person, the environment he/she lives in. Some of the other factors that may cause cancer are excessive chemical exposures, ionizing radiations, pathogens, pathogens and genetics.

Karan Johar extends his heartfelt wishes to Sonali Bendre, calls her a true fighter

As per the American Cancer Society, seven signs and symptoms that prove the presence of cancer in a human body. Some of the symptoms are thickening or lump in the breast, testicles or elsewhere, ingestion or problems in swallowing. Some of the other symptoms include change in shape and size of a mole, change in bladder habits and unusual bleeding or discharge.

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