The recent studies examining the fertility in men claimed that infertility in men is on a rapid rise. Scientists claim that the average sperm count has declined in last 30-40 years. Citing examples, a scientist said that the sperm count in an average healthy 19-year-old has gone down by 10 million. However, a new study has now found a reason behind the rise in men infertility. The study claims that it happens because of the deficiency of taurine in a male body.

Well, the piece is not about the rise of infertility in men but about how one can avoid the problem and can have a healthy life. As per a study, the scientists in Japan stated that with a proper intake of taurine which is found in meat, pulses, energy drinks like Red Bull and vegetables the male can attain the fertility. During the study, the scientists found mice lacking amino acid were more likely to be sterile and their sperm tails were also deformed.

The study also claimed that the deformation of the sperm tails also returned to normal with taurine intake. The researchers claimed that the people suffering from obesity, anxiety, gout or kidney failure are likely to be suffering from the problems.

With meat being considered as the main source of upcoming the taurine deficiency, vegans and vegetarians are scientifically said to be at a higher risk of facing taurine deficiency.

The study was conducted at the University of Tsukuba and Cornell University in New York that studied the sperms of mice to draw a conclusion. The researchers claimed that taurine helps sperms to keep their structure once they are out. Breast milk, energy drinks, nuts and pulses were termed to be the major ingredients to overcome the deficiency of taurine.

The team of researchers also discovered that the male sperms absorb taurine from genital tract, therefore, they depend on the diet of a male. The study was published in Federation of European Biochemical Societies’ Journal (FEBSJ). If you can relate yourself to the problems mentioned, follow a strict diet and increase the intake of energy drinks, breast milk, pulses, nuts and meat.

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