Believing in her passion and committedly moving ahead led her to become a known fitness influencer across social media.

Of all the things that have attracted the attention of people across the world, the rise and emergence of young and passionate individuals from different industries and sectors have attracted the attention of all. These individuals, especially women, have questioned norms, pushed the limits, and emerged as one of the best professionals in their respective industries. Talking about many young girls and women making their mark in their chosen industries, one cannot help but notice how they have taken over the social media space and how they are increasingly becoming the talk of the town as influencers and content creators in their niches. Shreya Jain’s name tops the list of such influencers, where she has gone ahead in creating a positive difference in the lives of others through her passion for fashion, lifestyle, and fitness.

Ask her what drove her towards the world of fitness and fashion and making a jump from the engineering field, the young talent says, “To offer value to people and be of help to them through my knowledge and passion led me toward listening to what my heart sought and made me the fashion and lifestyle blogger and a fitness influencer that I am today.”

Maintaining great health and making enough efforts for others to realize its importance has become a way of life for this passionate being. The Indian social media influencer and gorgeous beauty has a phenomenal physique herself and wants people to know that any of their fitness goals can become a reality only if they believe in their fitness visions and work relentlessly towards getting into the shape they desire.

Shreya Jain, who is popularly known as ‘Styleawhileofficial’, did her Post Graduation Diploma from Pearl Academy, Delhi, and since then knew what she wanted to do all her life. However, her journey too was filled with many peaks and valleys but, she clung to her path with a strong resolve and kept walking her path, which ultimately has today turned her into a sought-after fitness influencer across social media.

She practices yoga and aces it as well. Her insights on Covid health, diet, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle have all gained her much momentum and attention from people, which has also increased her follower and fan base overall. Shreya Jain has so far worked with many top-notch sports brands and is looking forward to work with many others as well.

She looks unstoppable in all her endeavours, working with the genuine aim to help people get nearer their fitness goals.

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