“The standards of Visakha Institute of Medical Sciences (VIMS) is going to be developed like AIIMS . Chandrababu Naidu tried to privatise it but this VIMS is going to be under Government for ever. Its going to be number one in North coastal Andhra in four years” said Vijay Sai Reddy , The YSRCP Parliamentary party Chief and General Secretary after talking to the Covid 19 patients in the hospital along with Visakhapatnam MP Satyanarayana and minister Avanthi Srinivas Rao. Vijay Sai reddy, who has recovered from Covid-19 recently , entered the the VIMS where a number of Covid patients are being treated to console the Victims. He instilled confidence among the patients and shared his experience and praised the services of the Doctors and medical staff who have been treating them.

Frankly speaking, the Covid-19 patients in Andhra have been in deep depression due to social stigma. Of late some patients in Telugu states committed suicide also due to insults from the neighbours but Vijay Sai Reddy and his Visakhapatnam alleviated the fears by creating awareness among public. He inquired with the patients about the symptoms mainly breathing problems in them and asked the doctors to provide all facilities and best treatment to get them recovered as soon as possible. Vijay Sai was in Hospital covid Isolation wards for an hour wearing PPE kit.

Along with Minister Avanthi and MP Satyanarayana he reviewed the food provided to the covid patients . Sai Reddy ordered the staff to provide eggs, Chicken and dry fruits to them as per protocol. Vijai Sai reddy told the newsX,”the Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is very committed and serious of providing best medical care to the Covid-19 patients. If anyone is negligent in Covid Duties , Stringent action will be taken.

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Many Doctors and medical staff are scared to go into the Covid Wards, But Vijay Sai Reddy dared to go into Covid hospitals and talked to each patient who has been under going treatment in referral hospital Visakha Institute of Medical Sciences. This Act wins accolades of Vizag people and Vijay Sai said due to testing on massive scale , many number of Corona cases are emerged in Andhra but the mortality rate is the lowest in India so the patients need not be scared , All of them will overcome Covid 19 and go healthy.

He said, “once this VIMS received a lot of criticism but now It wins the hearts of the patients. there are 12 ICU wards, 10 isolation wards in the VIMS. Notification was issued for filling all Doctor and medical Staff posts but scared of Corona Virus , Many are willing to join duties. this problem will be solved soon. the VIMS will be developed like AIIMS and its going to be number one in North Andhra.”

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