Sunday, September 25, 2022

Chilean experts predict another COVID-19 climax in following weeks

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According to a local epidemics monitoring group, Chile will experience another rise of COVID-19 cases in the following two weeks.

Chile has been experiencing a fifth wave of COVID-19 infections for many weeks, and “we could be hitting the top in two or three weeks,” according to Felipe Elorrieta, head of the University of Santiago’s Mathematical Epidemiological Group for Epidemic and Pandemic Surveillance. The researchers looked at data from Chile’s Ministry of Health, which indicated a 58 percent increase in COVID-19 cases in the prior 14 days.

“Last week, there were 8,500 (daily) occurrences.

“We should be above 9,000 but below 10,000 this week,” Elorrieta predicts.”

According to Elorrieta, the maximum number of daily infections is

According to Elorrieta, the maximum number of daily infections in this wave should be about 10,000, with a slower rate of transmission than in prior phases.

Furthermore, the association cautioned that hospitalizations in Chile have been steadily increasing since last week.

By Tuesday, the South American country had recorded 3.7 million COVID-19 cases and 57,997 fatalities.

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